My Background

My father was a hard working man who supported his family and gave thought to securing his family's future.  In December 1991 he wrote an insurance application.  The policy was issued, but he delayed paying the first premium. Six months later at the age of 52 he died unexpectedly.

The medical and other expenses incurred immediately before his death were never replaced.  This negatively affected the family business, resulting in its closure.

Unfortunately, I did not learn from that experience.  In 1997, my wife of 14½ years, an Attorney, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She died in April 2000 at the age of 37.  We did not have Life Insurance.  Her illness entirely depleted my family resources and has never been replaced.

Several years later I also witnessed the loss of a close family member.  There was insurance coverage in place, however not enough. So many times we see these things happen around us but we never think it will happen to us.

After these and other similar experiences, I have dedicated my life to helping families secure and maintain a strong financial future.

I have since remarried, and have three beautiful daughters. I have now taken the necessary steps to protect the financial future of my new family.  How about you?

As a New York Life Agent, I sincerely believe that most people want to do what's right: right for themselves, right for their families, and right for their communities. In fact, that's one of the reasons I joined the company back in2005.

You can take comfort in the fact that I have a vested interest in seeing that you too secure your family's financial future.  As a father of three beautiful daughters, I have many of the same hopes and aspirations as my clients and am happy to share with you all the resources and information New York Life has to offer.  Educating clients about obtaining a secure financial future for themselves and their family is what my businees is all about.


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